Businesses we admire

As a baby biz, we often look up to other food businesses and founders who have trod the path before us - to refine our values, our actions, and our ways of being in this world. 

Here are a few of those businesses that we 💖 and admire. 

Diaspora Co.: We love Diaspora's whole vibe and have referred to the Diaspora Queer Food Manifesto more than once as a compass for who we want to grow up to be. *Bonus* We love being able to support their work and use their spices in our mixes. 

OmSom: Bold Asian flavors, authentic storytelling, and approachability - what's not to love?

Local Roots, NYC: They've been building a local, regenerative, and flavorful food system for NYC for a decade. We love their dedication to their community and to creating warm places of connection. 

From Our Place: Our Place's mission is to foster connections around home-cooked food. That hits so close to home, honestly. 

We'll keep adding to this list, we imagine. What other brands / people / food organizations should we have on our radar? Drop a comment & let us know!



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