Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change

We believe that making a dent in Climate Change is only possible if all of us commit to being stewards of the planet. It is only possible if everyone of us - wherever we are, whoever we are, however we are - participates in the action of changing the world. 

We believe that solving the problem of climate change is not like turning off a switch. This is not quitting cold turkey. This is not an “on or off” in binary.  We reject the idea of shaming and virtue signaling. We reject binary constructs that pit people against each other. We reject the notion that either you’re a vegan, organic produce-eating, recycling, biofuel-car-driving-planet-saver-hippie or you’re single handedly destroying the planet. This thinking only results in good, kind, smart, intelligent people opting out saying, “well, that’s not my problem, the scientists will solve it” Or asking “do my individual actions really matter?” If that’s the environment we’re cultivating, we all lose.

We believe that what we need is a movement that lets everyone participate. That meets people where they are and moves them to action. We build this thing, together, one brick at a time. We plant seeds, we water and nourish and support the planet & each other. We are all - quite literally - on common ground. 

This earth is common ground. The food we grow, we eat, we share is common ground. 

Food is integral to our lives. Food is emotional. Food is hard work.

In our food system today, it can feel like we have to choose between what is efficient or affordable, and what’s good for the planet. It’s hard to parse through all the information out there. Food (planning, shopping, cooking) can feel like a chore.

Adding the lens of equity and climate-friendliness can feel even more daunting. We want to simplify that.

We know that good food nourishes. Good food brings people together.

Food that is good for the planet, is good for us. And finding this food, choosing this food shouldn’t be hard or complicated. We believe that if you eat, you can be a steward of the planet, from exactly where you are. The key is knowing how these things are connected.

Our goal is to demystify planet-friendly food: to make it approachable, easy, and fun.

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