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The Endlessly Customizable Chilla

Meet the Chilla: A Savory, South-Asian pancake. With our mix, you new fave snack comes together in <10 minutes. And if you have a bit more time, there are endless ways to customize your chilla. Read on for ideas!

Meet the Chilla: A Savory, South-Asian pancake.

Our Chilla mix is made from two types of Chickpea: desi chickpeas or kala chana & kabuli chickpeas (the tan lil' ones that you know & love). We stone grind in small batches, add in some delicious Diaspora spices and bag it in a sealable, compostable bag.

Using our Chilla Mix is super straightforward. 

  • In a large bowl, stir together one part mix and one part water. 
  • Heat a pan to medium with a little (1tsp-ish) oil. 
  • Spoon the batter onto the heated pan / gridle.
  • Wait for the bubbles to appear, flip & cook through the other side (2-3 mins)
  • Plate & dig in! Voilà!

But Chillas are also super customizable. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. We love adding veggies into our batter. Ash's fave: Grated Zucch, chopped up onions, tomatoes & cilantro. 


2. Our friend J, loves topping off a regular chilla with a fried egg. 

3. Ash's mini-me LOVES her some cheese between two chillas. (A whole post on dairy & our planet, coming up in a few weeks)

We can't wait to see what *your* chilla looks like. Tag us on the Insta or send us a note

Posted: Nov 28, 2022

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