Our Story

Welcome to our (virtual) table!

Ojaswe Co. was born from one key belief: that we all deserve food that can nourish both us and our planet. 

We call ourselves a regenerative food company, rooted in cultural fusion. The food we bring you is sourced from farmers who care for the soil, in formats that are easy to use. 

Yes, our food is vegan & gluten-free. And no, you don't have to be either to enjoy both. We're not here to judge what you eat. We're here to make the most versatile , sustainable, delicious food that comes together in under 10 minutes. 

Yes, our food is rooted in cultural fusion. To us, the "fusing" is a combination of local and regional ingredients, cross-pollinated with non-local flavors and techniques. 

Yes, we are focused on climate-action. We are on a mission to build climate-resilient food systems on a rapidly warming planet. For us, this means building equitable, traceable supply chains for legumes & small grains

Community is everything to us. We know that the only way to do build a solid food system is through collaboration and partnership with folx in different roles in our food supply chain: farmers who are good land stewards, chefs, educators, and you. 

We host events, classes & more to build and nurture our community. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to learn about them. 

As a business owned by a queer woman of color, we're hell-bent on constantly learning & un-learning. Drawing our examples from other businesses that we admire, we value courage, empathy, equity & joy. 

What does Ojaswe mean?

Ojaswe is a portmanteau: Ojas is the Sanskrit word for vitality + We (yup, like all of us.)

It’s a bit on the nose, sure. But it’s also true. Our vitality is tied to the vitality of the planet.

We have one planet and all of us are stewards of this planet. Our individual actions make up a collective whole and we can channel this to care for our planet.

Who is behind this?

Hi! I'm Ash. I use she/her pronouns. I live & work on the unceded land of the first people of Seattle: The Duwamish. I’m a wearer-of-many-hats: gay, brown, spouse, parent, sibling, child. I’m the founder of Ojaswe. I like reading, running, knitting, and making things. I love spending time with my wife & child. And I really like food (like… a lot). 

My food is a combination of everywhere I've lived and every kitchen that has welcomed me. And because we're a small co. this shows up in food that we bring to you at Ojaswe Co. 

I love hearing from you - ideas, questions, thoughts, collab? Send me a note at hello@ojaswe.com