Meet the Chilla

A Savory Pancake

Chilla [pronounced : chil-la] is a savory South-Asian Pancake made with chickpea flour and spices. It is kind of a South Asian cousin to a Socca or Farinata.

Our mix - with freshly milled chickpea flour and a delicious blend of spices - takes the guesswork out of making a perfect chilla, everytime.

  • Gluten Free

  • 10 gms of protein

    per serving

  • Vegan

One Mix. Many Meals.

Our Chilla Mix is super versatile: In a rush, make the straight up savory pancake. Entertaining? Bring the wow factor with some pakoras. Weekend Brunch? Make some Chilla Spiced frittatas or Spicy Chilla Waffles.

The possibilities are delicious ...and endless.

How do we have alllllll these 5 star reviews?

Because we make a phenomenal mix. Obs. The Secret is in the soil.

Great Soil = Great Nutrition + Taste.

We work directly with amazing climate-friendly farmers who care for their soil and our planet, deeply.

They use regenerative practices instead of relying on chemicals for yields. And we, literally.... reap the rewards.

Regenerative practices = better soil health = better taste & nutrition.

Compostable Packaging

We don't love plastic pollution.

So our bags are both at home & backyard compostable.