Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chilla?

A chilla is a savory, South-Asian pancake. Most traditionally, it is made with chickpea flour or besan, also sometimes called an eggless omlette or a vegan omlette. 

Our chilla mixes are made with garbanzos, black chickpeas and a unique blend of spices - delivering on both protein & flavor. Our flavor comes from the soil - we use regenerative  organic ingredients and make our mix in small batches for peak freshness. This makes it really easy for you to a create a perfect chilla every time. 

What is a Savory Pancake?

Well - it means our pancakes are not sweet. Think salt and spices, not sugar or syrup. With a base of black chickpea flour and a blend of warm spices these pancakes are like the South-Asian cousin to a socca or farinata.

What pairs with a Chilla?

Typically, chillas are eaten with cilantro chutney or a yogurt dip. But you can also pair chillas with hummus, salsa, vegan cheese, regular cheese, or even top it off with a fried egg, if you’re not vegan. You can also get really creative with the mix. Check out some of our recipes for ideas!

Are chillas gluten-free?

We use naturally gluten-free legumes and spices to make our chillas. So, generally speaking, YES!

But we also make our products in a shared commercial environment. So please exercise caution if you have serious gluten sensitivity or allergies.

South Asian? Ish? What does that mean?

It means we're drawing our inspiration from South Asian flavors. As third-culture kids, our culinary flavors don't claim to be "authentic" - they're a blend of every kitchen that has welcomed us and taught us to cook. These flavors true to us and are AMAZING tasting. But just like one person cannot possible speak for a whole people, no one set of flavors can speak to the complexity of South Asian Flavor.

I have more questions. Help!

No problem! Send us your questions via email: and we will get back to you ASAP!