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Danny Tayara
New breakfast/everything staple!!!! 🤩

I. LOVE. THIS. SO. MUCH. I’m gluten free and have PCOS so I’m often nauseous at the sight of food in the morning. I used to only have 3 foods I could cycle through for breakfasts. Now I have 4!!! This is my new favorite food!!!!! And it’s so versatile, you can add in different ingredients or make completely other foods with this mix too! It’s almost like a falafel mix except without all the extra faff and oil of frying. AND THE PACKAGING IS COMPOSTABLE?!!! This is what food should be. Ash is amazing. Ojaswe wins. I never review products like this. Ten gold stars. Never change. Unless it’s adding more products like this. Wow. Just amazing.

Note that you will want to add salt and maybe pepper to taste. Which is lovely because you have control over how salty it is.

Agen Schmitz
A new breakfast staple!

I've been making chilla for my wife and me for brekkies a couple times a week, and it's been a great start to our mornings. Very filling and very calorie affordable (we're both trying to drop some pounds using the Noom system). We use leftover cut-up veg to make it like an Indian okonomiyaki, and sometimes make it a full-blown breakfast salad.



Prajakta Patil
Chillas that taste better than the ones in India

I am a big chilla fan and grew up eating tomato chilla at home. Ojaswe chillas were better than the ones I had back home. Since the chickpeas are locally sourced, the chillas have a lovely, strong, and fresh aroma of the chickpeas that you can smell as soon as you open the packet. The flour is coarsely ground which lend a slightly crispier texture in the cooked chillas (something that I actually prefer) than the ones back home (which are made from finely ground chickpeas). The flavor is nutty, intensely umami and I am in love with them!

Rawi Nanakul
A great way to get your pancake fix when you're doing slow carb

I recently started doing a slow-carb diet for Jan and was given these as a gift. Being grain and sugar free they fit my diet perfectly. I've been using them as a carb supplement to things I normally eat with bread like soups and stews.
I look forward to trying them as their own dish with additional ingredients.